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world of warcraft: legion

2018 Brings numerous in-game WoW events that are about to begin

Known as the best MMO ever created… may become even more interesting throughout the following period. In the next couple weeks, despite the biggest ever update 7.3.5 that’s about to come to World of Warcraft, there are going to be many events that will improve the farming capabilities players can do.

world of warcraft: legion

Some of them are special, but some of them might be boring for the old majority of players. World of Warcraft since Legion have offered multiple paths for players to choose whether is that going to be boosting their different specs or focusing on building a good Alt so they can contribute to better Raid.

Anyhow, the difficulty was quite high at the beginning of the Legion expansion, and now when we’re getting close to the new expansion, it is becoming a lot easier. Plus, whenever the further development comes out the artifact weapons will probably be gone. But, even if Blizzard has hinted anything, it is still unknown until we witness the release. Now, back to the main subject. Let’s preview some of the good events that are going to become available starting tomorrow.

LFR wing 3 of Antorus, the Burning Throne will become available, which is going to allow casual players to farm that wing a lot easier without struggling on a harder difficulty. That being said, only one wing will remain to be released, and that’s Wing 4. Conquering Argus on Heroic was quite fun even if some of us were struggling to do that in a PUG match. The new wing will become available tomorrow, as well as unique Battleground Bonus Event.

After those finish, there will be Darkmoon Faire available to visit once again, so whoever got the needed amount of tickets can spend them to get something “COOL.” What is the most amazing event is that nine days in 2018, players will have the chance to grab extra loot by doing Legion dungeons, which means the bosses will drop an additional loot. Starting from 9th to 16th of January, Blizzard will allow players to prepare for what’s about to come slowly.

Legion has brought both retired and new players to World of Warcraft throughout the Legion expansion. After highlighting the essential changes, we have been looking at patch 7.3.5 in which other zone levels will set up accordingly to your character’s level, which allows players to level up new toons in their favorite zone. This will create such an overwhelming and nostalgic moment for older players.

Despite the in-game changes and all the cool stuff that awaits, there is going to be Contest in which Blizzard allows the creativity to be born. Everything seems legit, and Blizzard should work faster on patch 7.3.5 as it will bring a whole different game style.

Tonight is the reset, so first let’s preview our Weekly Challenger’s Bounty. Oops, if you have forgotten to make your weekly, let this be a reminder for you to jump in and do your +15.



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