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Google Investing $120 Million in Chinese Mobile Game Livestream Platform

Google is investing $120 million in Chinese online e-sports, livestream platform called Chushou, founded in 2015.

Chushou is a Chinese online e-sports platform with 8 million streamers and 250,000 livestream on daily basis. According to CNBC, Google helped Chushou to grow even bigger in order to attract more users from all around the world.

Google Supervisor in North Asia, Frank Lin, has spoken about this matter, saying, “Chushou has built an impressive platform, with a dedicated and quickly growing base of content creators and consumers, and smart expansion plans.”

Mobile livestreaming is very popular in China, and the number of mobile owners playing games is almost x2 of people living in the US. That sounds crazy, right? These numbers are obviously saying that Chushou has a lot of potentials, which makes it a decent Google ally.



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