Intel CPUs Design Flaw Security Fix to affect gaming performance

Intel has never suspected anything like this would happen, however, a design flaw has been found in microprocessors made by Intel. Let’s just keep it simple, because of an issue like this an OS update is required that will address this point but will slow the performance of the CPU.

Intel CPUs appear to perform at an excellent level when it comes to gaming. Sadly, this issue will mess up the gaming performance as well. Is this going to have a significant impact on game’s performance? Will it drop fps by far? Not necessarily, but in some high demanding scenarios, the CPU will choke.

The Register has done all the job analyzing and informing the whole world about the potential danger of this issue. Not only that will slow gaming, but more severe concerns may appear as well. Now, because of this, Windows OS will undoubtedly receive a new update to avoid a worldwide tragedy. The update has already been released on Windows Insider builds, in November and December.

As The Register has reported:

It is understood the bug is present in modern Intel processors produced in the past decade. It allows normal user programs – from database applications to JavaScript in web browsers – to discern to some extent the layout or contents of protected kernel memory areas.

It is quite a serious issue and that it needs to be dealt with asap. OSes will undoubtedly receive an update regarding the problem, but the question will remain engraved until the next gen of Intel CPUs. Fun fact, AMD CPUs are not affected by this as their microarchitecture does not allow memory references.


Angel Kicevski

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