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Paladins gets lore cinematic, potential story mode, Hi-Rez aims big

Paladins Champions of the Realm seems to aim to achieve much higher levels than now. After the announcement of the Battlegrounds mode, which is a classic Battle Royale mode, Paladins has received new lore cinematic which made everyone think where it points to. By soaking all the chills from the cinematic, there has been a rumor circling the community that Hi-Rez may release a story mode for Paladins.

The story mode is what most of the people wished to encounter in Paladins, but sadly, they were left with only multiplayer since the game hit Open Beta. Now, Paladins is an improved game that offers quite a lot of features, and there are yet more to come. Going by the name “A Realm Divided”, the cinematic tells a well-written story by Hi-Rez which like it or not, appears to point towards an upcoming story mode.

The Lore Cinematic has unveiled new Champions’ looks, which has also emerged¬†a need among the community. A need to get all the best cosmetics that are about to come to Paladins. Well, rumoring the visuals, it appears that Paladins will receive quite some new cosmetics over the next period. There might be a story mode which is going to leave a good impression among newcomers, which is always a positive thing in video gaming.

Hi-Rez does not seem to leave all they’ve done in Paladins. It appears that Hi-Rez will continue improving the game by adding new game modes, features, and lot more. Even if Paladins may have lost a bit of its community, it may recover quite fast.



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