Paladins will get a Battle Royale mode and will officially join the BR family

Well, that was expected. After watching many Battle Royale installments in video games nowadays, there’s no point to blame anyone for stealing. It seems like PUBG not have only shaken the world with its content, but it has shocked a lot of developers out there as well. As multiple others, Hi-Rez has also decided to install Battle Royale mode into their FPS hero shooter, Paladins.

Paladins OB42 Torvald

I am tired of pretending to be a judge. I won’t criticize anything as I am honestly exhausted doing so because apparently, no one listens. People seem to gain credits for stealing, and that’s just not right if you ask me. Even if you do steal, make sure you change it and change it the way it deserves to be replaced by making something whole lot different. Another 100 men battle.

However, it seems like it’s too late for that because Hi-Rez has already published a trailer which shows the architecture and first look of their Paladins BR Mode. Oh wait, my mistake, the mod is not called Battle Royale. Instead, it is called Battlegrounds. No matter how different and fresh it sounds, Hi-Rez is little too late to release something like this.

Fortnite will probably be the last spread point as far as Battle Royale can go and still be successful as it is right now. Now while all of this looks very interesting to the public, imagine what is going to be when Escape From Tarkov full release occur. I am just putting it out there…

Congrats to Hi-Rez on their upcoming Paladins Battle Royale mode, and best of luck on balancing a BR mode. Bunch of headaches incoming. You can find the BR trailer below.

Angel Kicevski

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