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Two or Three Pokemon Go Players can Beat Rayquaza Using a Golem Army

Today is the day when new Raid Bosses will start to appear, Gen 3 Pokemon will start to dominate encounters, special sale boxes and 6h Lures starts today, and for the first time, Pokemon Go players will have a chance to battle and catch the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza. Many Trainers have been curious to know in advance what are the best Pokemon to use against Rayquaza, and it looks like an army of Golem can finish the job.

At first, it looks like Rayquaza is a hard Legendary Pokemon to beat, but this is the easiest Tier 5 Raid Boss so far. Many Trainers are reporting that Ice Type Pokemon are the best against Rayquaza. Yes, that’s true, but what happens if players don’t have a good Ice team? You call your old friend Golem and you’re all set.

According to killerofheroes, a Pokemon Go player Lvl 37 Mystic, from Indiana, the US, a decent Golem army and three Trainers can beat the Legendary Rayquaza without trying so hard, because Golem is more resistant to several of Rayquaza movesets. Pokebattler stated that even a 10/10/10 Lvl 30 Golem has time to win of 839,4s against the strongest Rayquaza moveset.

In addition, Pokebattler announced a new Duo Challenge contest and those 2 Trainers who will beat Rayquaza will win $50 each and one-year free membership. Check out more details on Pokebattler’s official website here.

When it comes down to weather boost and taking advantage of partly cloudy, a perfect Lvl 40 Golem with Rock Throw/Stone Edge moveset has time to win of 594,2s against Rayquaza with Dragon Tail/Ancient Power. I know it sounds like “mission impossible,”  but it can be done.

Take out your Golem army, cancel all your plans for this weekend and let’s beat and catch the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza before it goes away on March 16.

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