Fortnite’s Guided Missile launcher is more than fun, 3.4 for the win

The 3.4 update has undoubtedly brought new excitements, including the next players’ favorite, the guided missile launcher. The 3.4 update is undoubtedly going to spice things up and is expected to bring more players in the game, especially those kinds of players that are seeking for some childish fun.

As a celebration of the update, Epic Games has launched a teaser trailer showcasing the power behind the guided missile. With a small personal touch, you can pretty much destroy forts any time you like.

It will surely need some time until everyone grasps the required skills to control the missile and then conclude its overpowered matter. It will be fun to see some kills being made with this weapon. It appears that with every following update Epic Games are just strengthening their current position with its Battle Royale edition by heading the right way.

Every update has been just on point, and nothing ever went off the hook. Therefore, we expect this 3.4 update to bring a hell of excitement and snug up an insane amount of concurrent players after its release. It’s time to lead some missiles straight to victory!

Furthermore, the 3.4 update brings new game mode, “Sniper Shootout v2”, with Hunting Rifle and Crossbow enabled. For more detailed information regarding the patch notes make sure to visit Fortnite’s official website.

Angel Kicevski

Angel Kicevski started playing video games a long time ago. He started playing competitively since the Counter-Strike 1.3 era. Shortly after the competitive CS era, he managed to find the gaming industry amusing and started working on FGR. His mission is to bring gaming news and make guides for those who need them in the best possible way. He also considers himself an Escape From Tarkov addict.

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