Sea of Thieves surpasses 2 million players, Microsoft Announced

It is probably the first Microsoft Game that has reached these heights. As Microsoft announced, the game has reached 2 million players and it is very much the first one ever under Microsoft as a publisher. The game has been escorted by more than 1 million players on the launch day, March 20, and has managed to grow to where it is now successfully.

As Microsoft stated, the game has been streamed by over 100,000 streamers. Undoubtedly is that Sea of Thieves is the best selling Microsoft Studios first-party title on Windows 10. Despite the fact that it has disappointed fans that were expecting a bit better gameplay and a perk system, Sea of Thieves has managed to get a grip on the community and come to this level.

Moreover having a perk system or damage update (any sort of buffs by spending gold) is a potential future update, and will assure players to use gold for a reason and upgrade their favorite types of perks and weapons.

After yesterday’s update, famous streamers have caught up once again to experience the changes in Sea of Thieves. However, they still want to experience another level of gameplay. Simply said, they want Rare and Microsoft to encourage PVP over PVE, and it’s is quite understandable to do so.

We have been told there will be even more content coming in the future, so therefore, we expect to see even a more significant number of Pirates joining Sea of Thieves. Otherwise, from the social aspect of the game, it contains everything a human being needs to thoroughly enjoy the adventures, without the matter if playing with friends or randoms. One of the most critical notices is that over 400,000 players have joined an Xbox Club just to find pirates and enjoy playing with.

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