Starcraft 2 getting 2 new premium maps available with purchase

Blizzard has announced that two new premium maps are about to join the Premium Arcade program. With the launch of patch 4.3.0, Starcraft 2 will receive two new Arcade maps created by community developers. They will be available only for purchase because as Blizzard claimed, they will offer a unique gameplay experience.

The community creators are no strangers in Blizzard’s eyes since they’ve been working with them throughout the last year. The revenue if all purchases will be shared between Blizzard and the creators, as usual. Ark Star requires a buying while Direct Strike can be upgraded to an optional premium version, enhancing the experience of modes and cosmetics.

The new maps offer custom mods. Ark Star and Direct Strike are here to further entertain the community, especially those who would love to take a bit break from hardcore StarCraft 2. However, we assure you that you’ll struggle.

Their map’s videos have blessed both the community creators, Daniel “Pirate” Altman and “Tya,” and you can find both of the maps below in video material. Ark Strike offers a modified game of tactical turn-based RPG featuring the Protoss, while Direct Strike puts players in a tactical “tug of war.”

You can watch both of the videos below:


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