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This is the Police 2 with a new gameplay trailer

THQ Nordic has published a new trailer, showcasing some of the gameplay, including a bit of the combat features. It is up to your decisions on how’s everything going to play out in the big city. As THQ Nordic stated, This is The Police 2 will set up a new pace unlike in This is The Police.

Therefore, players will have to commit to a new approach by taking their cops under direct control during difficult and dangerous missions. Those missions will most likely swap you to the new turn-based combat mode, which makes the game more complete.

Having tactical combat is quite beneficial to everyone, having various of tools to deal with the unique encounter. Below you can watch the new gameplay trailer:

This is the Police 2 is a sequel to the noir drama This is the Police, a mixture of adventure and strategy set up in a border town full of violence. Therefore, you, as a Sheriff, have to manage the Sheriff’s department and set up your troops accordingly to the missions. Sometimes, severe decisions may doom your thoughts, but do not be gentle if a harsh situation demands a proper answer. That’s all we can give to you for now.

The game is already listed in Steam’s library and will be released later this year.



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