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Destiny 2 Lair Raid boss killed in seconds, looks easier than you think

A group of people has spent some time in learning how to deal with Destiny 2 latest raid. Namely, the Warmind Expansion had a purpose of releasing new content in which players’ creativity would come in first place. As for that, after many people had some struggles dealing with the latest raid, they now can finish it remarkably faster, in just seconds.

After getting familiar with all the raid¬†patterns, players have begun their speed rush journeys to claim the fastest run ever. Well, in the end, it appears that a group of people has managed to defeat the boss in just 7 seconds. One of the group members has led to record the video and post it on Reddit. There are 3 PoV’s in general, from each player’s perspective.

Having Sunbreaker Titan for Melting Point, Tractor Cannon player, and Sentinel Titan may turn out to be everyone’s choice after this video. This is considered to be a zerg run because they have managed to put the boss down in just seconds opposing any raid mechanics. Also, Shotguns do appear to be broken, right, as they claim it in the video.

We know that there have been numerous videos in which some of them take 16 minutes run, but this run is definitely the fastest.

You can watch the video below:



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