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Fortnite’s new 4.2 patch is coming tomorrow, Servers downtime announced

Fortnite is moving forward to a time of releasing a new patch, 4.2. The developers over at Epic Games has announced that the installment of Fortnite’s 4.2 patch will require server maintenance. The approximate server’s downtime is currently unknown. Like in every previous update, this one is scheduled to add new exciting features, and one of them is the Perk Recombobulator.

The Perk Recombobulator serves for adding a variety of perks to your weapons and will become available after completing the Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 2. Players can finish this quest to gain some head start before the patch lands, which will grant them two side quests with sources available to use in the Perk Recombobulator.

The patch will land on May 15, and the servers will go down at 4 AM ET and 8 AM GMT. It is expected this patch to contain intriguing content both for the BR players and Save The World as well. Below you can find Fortnite’s announcement on their official Twitter profile regarding patch 4.2.



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