RIDE 3 comes out on November 8, Get Ready to Ride

After the game has been leaked via AMAZON UK listing, Milestone moved forward and officially announced RIDE 3’s release date. Therefore, the listing turned out to be true, which twists leaked stories into nothing else but the truth. It’s somewhat a new phenomenon, for sure!

Ride 3 is a game focused on racing, where players can race on various tracks and motorbikes. RIDE 3 tends to follow a realistic sim and is about to feature over 230 bikes in different categories. Thanks to the official confirmation by Milestone, we have another racing game on the verge.

The game will release on November 8 and will include next level of competitivity, empowered by your two-wheeler adrenaline booster. It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As a celebration of the event, RIDE 3 has also received an announcement trailer. You can watch the trailer below:

Ride 3 is coming your way this November 8. Prepare to ride the most beautiful and powerful bikes ever crafted. Explore breath-taking scenery all around the world with your two wheels companion. Feel the adrenaline of true competition. Ride everything. Feel everything.

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