Walmart Canada leaks Pokemon Switch Online video game

Overall, it feels like Walmart is the mystery behind all the upcoming games, and as a witch, it just decides to leak it out no matter what. After numerous of previous leaks of the famous retailer, some of them came out to be true, such as Bethesda’s RAGE 2. Therefore, we do not have any reason to rule this leak out of existence, which covers a potential and upcoming new video game, Pokemon Switch Online.

Currently, the listed game has no box art, and the official name placeholder is misleading the original one. The good part is that the registered product is still available to pre-order on Walmart Canada’s page. We know that leaks may be found as misleading, but after recalling previous situations of Walmart Canada’s leaks, this new listing may hold waters.

Will it have any connection to Pokemon GO? Well, first of all, it remains to be seen if this product will become a reality, and therefore observe all the changes coming alongside. One thing’s certain. It will be quite fun to experience Pokemon Online on the Nintendo Switch platform.

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