Fortnite’s Rocket to launch today, but where is it heading to?

Fortnite’s latest sensation that has created lots of conversations across the world is still ongoing and haven’t finished yet. Launching a rocket definitely sounds interesting, but the important question is where is it heading to? Well, first of all, make sure you do not miss the event because we’re getting closer to it.

More precisely, the Rocket will launch at 1:30 PM ET. It is expected to launch out of this planet and contribute towards recognizing or even bringing other species to our very generous Fortnite world. Knowing Epic Games and their intentions, they want to make the whole player base of theirs to log in the game and witness the moment. But this is much likely to cause other issues and even those who deserve seeing the event, won’t be able to.

However, let’s get back to the main question, where is it heading at? No one knows and the question remains a mystery that will be unveiled during today’s event. We have had the aliens themed environment and cosmetics and the rocket may discover as we said, other types of species that will surely take player’s attention.

But more about this will be known during today’s rocket launch surely. Will there be a rocket failure maybe which is going to cause a crash in some of the famous spots on Fortnite’s map? Everything is quite possible. However, the main segment everyone should focus on including Epic Games is that we have a healthy and discussible event. After that, we’re going to judge the grand finale.

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