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Fortnite Patch v4.5 Brings Dual Pistols and Introduces a new Limited Time Mode

This is the last and final patch of Fortnite for Season 4. According to v4.5 patch notes, it inevitably brings a lot of fun and excitement. As always, Epic Games are known for releasing some new cool stuff such as weapons or in-game mechanics to interact with. This time, we have a new gun and that is the Dual Pistols. However, the primary focus is on something else.

Fortnite Dual Pistols

For the first time in Fortnite’s history, we’re about to witness a new game mode called Playground. “Playground” is a limited time game mode that will allow players to practice their building skills and bring them to a whole new level. The game mode lasts for 60 minutes and allows friendly fire and respawns, which will allow even further practicing.

Talking about limited… this was way too limited. Players were not even able to get into the game mode and try it properly. There wasn’t also a proper hype to the release of this game mode since it’s already removed. Those who have been able to play it for a while, cheers. However, it will most likely make another entrance since lots of people are whining about the removal. Moving forward to the dual pistols.

It was about time Fortnite releases a new weapon, and as for the last patch in this season, we’ll have fun using it. The Dual Pistols look sick and worth trying. They come in two variants, both Epic and Legendary and deal a right amount of damage, 41-43. As Epic Games noted, one pull of the trigger shoots both the pistols, and they do not use first shot accuracy. The new weapon could be found in loot, chests and supply drops.

As always, Epic Games has released some bug fixes and also tweaked a lot of their weapons. Below you can find full patch notes regarding the weapons and bug fixes.


  • Dual Pistols Added
    • Available in Epic and Legendary variants.
    • 41-43 base damage.
    • Uses Medium Ammo.
    • Shoots both pistols with one pull of the trigger.
    • Can be found from floor loot, chests, and Supply Drops.
    • Does not use first shot accuracy.
  • Significant jumps that are landed with the Shopping Cart now appear in the elimination feed (height, distance, and time).
  • Weapon damage to structures now correctly scales with rarity.
  • Shotgun damage to structures has been reduced by 50% for Pump Shotgun, and 25% for both Tactical Shotgun and Heavy Shotgun.
  • Explosions now damage all structures within range, whether or not they are visible from the explosion center.
  • We’re making the following changes to further solidify the identities and strengths of Tactical and Silenced SMGs.

Tactical SMG

  • Removed first shot accuracy.
  • Increased base accuracy by 25%.
  • Lowered the sprinting accuracy penalty by 15%.
  • Lowered the ADS bonus by 10 %.
  • Increased damage by +2.

Silenced SMG

  • Increased base accuracy by 10%.
  • Increased ADS accuracy bonus by 20%.
  • Increased damage by +2.
  • Shotgun ammo now drops in stacks of 4 instead of 5.
  • Grenade Launcher visuals have been temporarily changed to shoot fireworks instead. This is a cosmetic change only.

Bug Fixes

  • Boogie Bomb explosions are no longer blocked by vehicles.
  • Thermal Scoped Rifle will now consistently exhibit intended accuracy while in scoped in.
  • Clingers can no longer stick to players through the ceiling or floor.
  • Spike traps placed on a ceiling no longer damage players on the floor above.
  • The Thermal Scoped Rifle no longer highlights opened chests.
  • Weapons will no longer appear to fire while switching weapons under certain network conditions.

On the other hand, the growth in popularity of Save the World will undoubtedly bring even more content to this particular game mode. Epic Games has been focusing on Save the World in these last couple of patches, so it’s clear to assume that Save the World is coming back on track and takes the developer’s focus off the Fortnite BR mode.

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