The most popular twitch streamer Ninja prove his Fortnite skills at Epic’s E3 2018 Pro-Am event

Ninja has proven his skills over at the Pro-Am event at this year’s E3. After his first two unsuccessful games in which he came short in grasping the victory, he has managed to do that in the most crucial and final third matchup. For those who missed the Pro-Am event, and I believe there are many, it consisted of a large number of celebrities mixed with popular twitch streamers into a team of Duos.

The first game was each player for himself, which was considered to be a warm-up run. Ninja died among the first ones. However, it was quite notable that he had some kind of issue with the control setup since in multiple PoV camera rolls he was stopping to tweak his in-game controls. The second game was Duos, also a warm-up run where Ninja and Marshmellow climbed up to the second spot. However, the third and decisive game brought the stakes in. It was the final and decisive game which was determiner to whom goes the highest prize dedicated for charitable purposes.

Guess what? It was Ninja all the way. Ninja and Marshmello have managed to stay alive at the end of the game, which made the whole event even spicier. The most popular Twitch Streamer has managed to prove his skills in a high-end competitive event, while the crowd escorted the win with cheers and chants towards their favorite player. In this scenario, of course, that was Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

You can watch the end of the fight below:

The final result looked as follows:

Angel Kicevski

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