New Carriage Appeared in Fortnite, Reason that We May Travel Back in Time

After all, as rumors been circling it appears that we may witness a full transformation and a walk through time. This implies on a possibility of Epic Games bringing the same map in another era. Remember all those cracks spawning around the map? Well, they’ve started to bring new items to the map, objects from the past. There’s an example video on exactly what kinds of things appear in Fortnite nowadays.

Well, recently there has been another one where a player found himself in the spawn position. The portal has brought a carriage from the past, and it also implies that in Season 5 we may be time traveling, or go back in time.

Below you could watch the full video and carriage appearing close to Moisty.

A Carriage Has Just Appeared! (VIDEO) from FortNiteBR

The whole new objects appearing are surely bringing us closer to a medieval setting, especially after the confirmation by TwoEpicBuddies on Twitter with an image reveal holding desert environment. They have also stated that a new video is scheduled to come tomorrow and it may be seen as a spoiler.

Now that we have a carriage spawning, plus a confirmation by TwoEpicBuddies we’re most likely to travel through time and go back to another era. More unexpected spawns are scheduled to come to be on the lookout because you may be the one witnessing another anomaly.

Season 4 is expected to finish on July 11, which will also ring the bell of Season 5. For now, there’s nothing else left but to open your eyes when playing Fortnite, because these days are the crucial ones to witness new extravaganza across Fortnite’s map.

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