Easy Anti-Cheat Cannot Fully Stop Cheaters in Fortnite

A lot of people believe that Easy Anti-Cheat is one of the most successful anti-cheats in the history of gaming. Keeping the bad guys out of the most popular game nowadays, Fortnite, is a quite tough job. Well, Easy Anti-Cheat has that opportunity to deal with those who want to get the Victory Royale the cheeky way. But recent alleges are to prove the opposite.

A lot of people believe that Easy Anti-Cheat is one of the most intrusive and robust Anti-Cheat in the gaming industry. However, cheaters will exist in every game, such as in Fortnite. Even though they will most likely get banned because Easy Anti-Cheat is not the anti-cheat you want to mess with, they still try their luck.

There has been a new video posted on Reddit, which proves that hacks do still exist in Fortnite. This time, the cheater was not using a default skin (as most of them usually do to try out their cheat), but instead, he was using the Blue Knight skin. That makes him look like an older and more experienced player in the game.

Below you can watch the full video of a player being demolished by a Cheater using a Minigun. He has been following him with his crosshair during the entire fight, and with the power of the Minigun, hacking is quite easy in Fortnite. As Usual, Epic Games has forbidden the conversation evolvement because it’s against their policy to post videos of hackers and cheaters in Fortnite.

So I just met a player who is WAY better than any top streamer from FortNiteBR

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