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Fortnite Harvesters datamined in patch 5.20

Patch 5.20 brought not only the double barrel shotgun but also many other cosmetics, which despite the main skin, it will also bring backpack and harvester. After the patch has been deployed, data miners have already gone to work to find out what’s new. Well, after reviewing all of the new skins coming into the shop throughout this week, let’s see the harvesters, or more said pickaxes.

Some of them aligning with the original 5.20 skins, they’re quite exciting but none of them will probably catch up to your taste. Data mining has been quite popular nowadays, revealing many new features and cosmetics even before the original developer release them.

This occurs due to adding the files after releasing the patch, and then it’s just a word about the market schedule or more precisely when the item will be featured as listed.



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