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Road Trip Week 5 Hidden Battle Star

Fortnite Road Trip Week 5 Hidden Battle Star Location

The Road Trip challenge is back yet again in week five alongside many other challenges. This week, the Road Trip challenge leads us to the new area of the map added in Season 5. The Hidden Battle star which is part of the Road Trip challenge can be only acquired after completing all of the week 5’s quests.

We have pushed ourselves a bit harder to finish all of the quests to guide you the exact location of the hidden Battle Star and trace its existence. Therefore, let’s begin our little walkthrough.

Week 5 Hidden Battle Star Location

This week, the hidden Battle Star is located in between Retail Row and The new Racing Track added in Season 5. Below you can find a more precise explanation.


Below, within the image, you can perceive the exact map location.

Now, for an enhanced experience and explanation, take a look of our PoV while gliding. The Battle Star is on the rooftop of that little hut on the red marker. (see pic below)

To fully commit to this critical part, we have two more images from our point of view helping you to easier pinpoint the Battle Star location in case you get lost. (Pics Below)

That’s all, have a free Road Trip Challenge and Battle Pass Tier for free! We’re two weeks away from the ending of the Road Trip Challenge, for which after the completion of it, we will be rewarded with a new legendary skin. That’s it from us and do not forget to stay tuned!



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