The Heavy Sniper is joining Fortnite BR Tomorrow

Data mines, leaks, and whatnot else have confirmed that the new Heavy Sniper Rifle is coming to Fortnite. Well, we have just received the needed confirmation from Epic Games as their NEWS segment has been updated.

The new Heavy Sniper is coming tomorrow with the latest patch. Coming in two varieties, Epic and Legendary, the new Heavy Sniper, is capable of dealing high damage to structures. At first place, it was believed that the Heavy Sniper would be able of destroying buildings, hitting whatever is behind the originating wall, which means we’re talking about a Wall Piercing sniper. However, after this message, no one’s sure of how much damage the Heavy Sniper is going to deal and its purpose in first place.

What we know so far is that will deal a big chunk of damage, seriously destroying a piece of walla and potentially hitting the target in it. Many people believe that this will further break the meta since the building materials have already been changed in a previous couple of updates.

There’s nothing for us to worry about, as Epic Games is probably the developer with the fastest response against problems occurred in their video game. If there’s anything unpleasant or meta-breaking, there will be a fix within no time.

Do not forget to stay tuned as we’re just one day away from the patch and the release of the Heavy Sniper. After the patch releases, we’re more than sure something else will be added too, so clicking that subscribe button may help you get the news beforehand.

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