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Apparently, Everyone Can Own The Scythe in Fortnite Thanks to FNBRLeaks

It appears that @FNBRLeaks Twitter Profile has been returned to live. We all believed that their account was suspended as the link wasn’t available at particular times, which resulted with not found. After their comeback, FNBRLeaks has published something that will take your attention, and grant you a free Scythe pickaxe, also known as Reaper.

The guys behind FNBRLeaks have managed to create a modding tool which actually replaces the look of the themed Season 5 pickaxe. The most exciting part is that it replaces it with the very well known Scythe, which is also known as Reaper.

The Scythe itself is very thrilling to get to every Fortnite Fan, and not everyone had the chance to obtain one. Therefore, this modding tool not only swaps the look of the harvesting tool but also swaps the sound so it looks like the original one.

We’re quite confident that Epic Games does not allow this at all, and we’ll be closely monitoring their reaction to this situation if any occurs. The modding tool, however, should only change the look and sound for the player who has used the modding tool, rather than transporting its look to other players in Fortnite.

FNBRLeaks has also published a video on how to get the scythe in Fortnite. You can watch the video below:



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