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Fortnite 5.40 Vaults Drum Gun, Suppressed Assault Rifle Released

Epic Games has released their new 5.40 Fortnite Update in which they have decided to remove the Drum Gun, which is surely going to hurt some players. However, the replacement is considered to be vital since the developers have added the new Suppressed Assault Rifle.

The new suppressed weapon shares the same weapon model as the already available SCAR. As Epic Games noted, the most beneficial type of gameplay when using this weapon will be precision tapping over a rapid fire.

Furthermore, this update also gets an improved LTM, The Getaway. Below you can find the full Fortnite Battle Royale patch notes.


Bug Fixes

  • Players in the Getaway LTM can no longer land on the van without building.
  • Reduced the Victory music at the end of a match.
  • Jewel will no longer appear in inventory hotbar after being put in the Down-But-Not-Out state.
  • Player models will no longer get stuck under the van after winning a match.
  • Player models and items will no longer fall to the ground after winning a match.


  • Suppressed Assault Rifle Added.
  • Sneaky weapon that rewards trigger discipline with precision.
  • Can be found in Vending Machines, floor loot, Treasure Chests, and Supply Drops.
  • Available in Epic and Legendary Variants.
  • 32/33 damage per shot.
  • Vaulted Drum Gun


  • Enforcer Outfit no longer appears distorted to other clients from certain distances.


  • Sub-Region Matchmaking added for Southeast Asia.
  • More details here.
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