Mouse and Keyboard Support Coming to Xbox

One of the Consoles has managed to step up its game and potentially bring helpful tools for developers, which may be twisted and used by gamers to elevate their gameplay to a whole new level. Judging by other situations, this is most likely to be a huge loss for Microsoft and Xbox. Not only that it will ruin the gaming experience, but it is quite possible for the Xbox to lose many potential customers too.

This riddle surely brings more to the table, looking both from positive and negative perspective. Even though Phil Spence¬†stated that Mouse and Keyboard support for Xbox will be only available for the developers of various games, so it will ease their work, we’re very sure that it will be abused at some point and allow an unfair advantage to some individuals.

However, more about this will be discovered at X018, an event that will take place in Mexico City on November 10-11, where Xbox will introduce its Mouse and Keyboard support for the first time. Ahead of all of the feedback, we’re more than sure that this feature will be overflooded with negative feedback by the fans, which are also the players of some very popular FPS games on the Xbox.

Furthermore, we also believe that it will drain Microsoft’s revenue because of reduced sells of the very popular Xbox console. Anyhow, it remains to be seen what Microsoft has invented and how are they planning to introduce the Mouse and Keyboard support that is coming to Xbox.

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