Pokemon Go Deoxys Coming to EX Raid Battles

Trainers, the Legendary Psychic-type Pokemon Mewtwo is definitely leaving from the EX Raid Battles, and as now reported by Pokemon Go players and the new in-game notification, Deoxys is the new EX Raid Boss.

There is not much info on when the new EX Raid wave will happen, but we do know that the Psychic Type Mythical Pokemon Deoxys will take over the EX Raid Battles in the following weeks – only its normal form.

In addition, players will be able to see which Gyms can host an EX Raid.

What do we know about Deoxys?

This Mythical Pokemon has four different forms:

  • “form_defense” “Defense”
  • “form_attack” “Attack”
  • “form_speed” “Speed”
  • “form_deoxys_normal” “Normal”

Deoxys has 2 fast and 3 charged moves:

  • Counter – fast
  • Zen Headbutt – fast
  • Swift – charged
  • Psycho Boost- charged
  • Zap Cannon – charged
  • Best Move – Zen Headbutt and Psycho Boost

Deoxys can be countered by Mewtwo. The MVP of the fights against this mythic Pokemon is Tyranitar. After Tyranitar a safe pick is a high DPS Gengar and SB Mewtwo.

Don’t forget Mewtwo will be available for everyone starting on September 20 at 1:00 PM PDT until October 23 at 1:00 PM PDT.

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