Spider-Man Reviews are Booming High, The Best Superhero Game Ever Released?

Everyone believes that the possibilities of Spider-Man becoming the best action-adventure superhero game ever, even though released exclusively on PS4 are quite high. Every video games related respectful media has given their thoughts by sharing a piece of grade regarding Spider-Man. From 8 to 9, and some of them even sharing 10s.

As most of them have noticed, Spider-Man is the most desired video game of all times. Being exclusively available on PS4 won’t destroy any plans, but instead, may cause players to buy the PS4 if they already haven’t and enjoy Insomniac’s new superhero journey. It is somewhat to be an expected scenario, and we’re more than sure the real numbers are about to be released after this whole situation starts to clear out.

Insomniac is also quite aware of their impact on the whole gaming population, leaving the fans speechless thanks to their amazing superhero game concept so far. All of the trailers have been on-point, rumors circling around the internet, introductory part and more. Spider-Man is just a couple of days before release, making the desire grow even bigger, and these already acclaimed grades are not placed without any reason.

They are supposed to bring the fans closer to the game, make them want the superhero life even more, and to live the way Peter Parker did, in a new and amazing fashion. According to the bigger media who have had the chance to already try Spider-Man, it has been said that not only the fight mechanics but also the cinematics indulged across the story mode are breath-taking.

Considered as one of the most popular Media, let’s take the grades given by IGN, GameSpot and Game Informer:

  • IGN – 8.7/10
  • GameSpot – 9/10
  • Game Informer – 9.5/10
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