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BFA 8.1 to Bring Many Core Improvements, Including Better Multi-Threading in DX12

As in each expansion and during its early days, it’s quite common to see Blizzard struggling to find the golden standpoint between balances and gameplay execution. We have tasted the same execution during the early days in each previous expansion. However, the hard work never ends especially when it comes to Blizzard, as the BFA patch 8.1 is about to come to life.

Let’s start with the core changes. We all know that with the release of BFA, Blizzard added the DX12 as a window of improvement. We know that during this course of gameplay, even if most of the players opted in using DX12, they had to revert to DX11 again simply because of the low and unexpected results.

The beta testing of patch 8.1 on the PTR server has discovered that a new improvement is worked on. Blizzard has added further optimizations when it comes to multi-threading, which in translation should allow players to enjoy the game at a higher level of details and performance on the modern gaming rigs.

Namely, it was hard to experience over 60FPs while taking a tour in Boralus when DX12 enabled. Boralus is an exceptionally developed city which is the motherlode of all Alliance players. Its beauty cannot be swallowed by most of the modern PCs on DX12, which turns into an excessive amount of FPS chokes.

Wowhead has made a good article explaining the changes added to the current PTR version in more details.



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