New Fortnite BUG Grants 44 Battle Pass Tiers

Epic Games has probably missed something during the last Fortnite patch today when they added Fortnitemares week 3 Challenges. Apparently, many players have already reported that something has caused their account to gain an excessive amount of Battle Pass levels without even noticing the reason for that. Simply said, Battle Pass levels for free. New accounts have managed to get their Battle Pass from 0 up to 44, while others have upgraded it completely.

The trigger of this mayhem is one of the Fortnitemares’ challenges of Week 3, and that is the Staged One in which players need to visit multiple places. The challenge acquires the first drop to be in Wailing Woods, second Fatal Field, and third in Haunted Hills. There’s no need the same to be performed in a single match, therefore, players could simply jump, eliminate themselves, and repeat.

Caution: This effect can only occur in Fortnitemares, which is the newest game mode added in the name of Halloween.

After completing the second stage of the quest, you will be granted with a Battle Pass boost up to level 23. (At least that was the case on our test account).

Then, after finishing the third stage of the challenge, “Visit Haunted Hills”, the following happened:

We’re not certain if Epic Games is recognized with this problem. It is confirmed that the same amount of Battle Pass Levels can be obtained on higher Battle Pass accounts.

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