Battlefield V DX12 remains unoptimized this deep in the franchise

BF4, BF1, now BFV, each one of them shares an issue, and that is the poor optimization of DirectX12. Especially for Nvidia users. There’s a simple path to this issue, and it is clear. If your copy of Battlefield 1 struggled on DX12, do not expect Battlefield V to work on DX12 as intended.

DX12 is supposed to increase performance for some machines, while others are strained with the DX11 for life. Its goal is to run faster with its low-level API but use fewer resources than usual. While most of the players believe that DX12 should increase performance in BFV, it apparently doesn’t.

As in the BFV Open Beta, the DX12 remains unoptimized, and clearly, it doesn’t come as a priority for DICE. Now that the RTX technology is here (but not included with launch), we could ask ourselves what is DICE working on?

Do not get me wrong, the new RTX tech only works with DX12 enabled. Considering the fact that DX12 performs bad, what is going to happen when the Raytracing Tech is included? Is DICE planning on releasing a fix anytime soon? OR will we see a combined update of the two at the same time? We’ll see, but still, it doesn’t feel good to see the DX12 unoptimized for years in the BF series.

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