Fallout 76 Hazmat Suit Location Guide

Now that Fallout 76 is officially released, it is time to release some of the guides that are about to change your gameplay style by quite a lot. Namely, in Fallout 76 there are Hazmat Suits which purpose is to defend you from radiation and radiation damage. Unlike the Armored Suits (some claim that there are Hazmat suits with armor), these are very needed in various circumstances, or when a nuke strikes on the map.

To further explore that area without any issues, you will need one of these protective suits, so you won’t die easily to the radiation. Let’s start with the already known locations, discovered throughout the Beta.

There is one at the Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06. It is easy to find on the map and it’s located closer to the lonely smoke tower. Next, to it, there are stairs which lead to the very top and there is a lonely barrack, in which the Hazmat Suit is hidden, but also visible to the eyes.

Another vital location is the Federal disposal Field HZ, including some at the West Tek Research Center.

There are other vital locations to find a Hazmat suit and give yourself a bit of a head start. Some of them is the Emmett Mountain Disposal Site, however, we’re not aware of the availability in the official release. If so, there should be multiple Hazmat Suits over there, including damaged ones.

We’re really excited about Fallout 76 and its impact on the gaming industry. One thing remains sure, all the players are a bit glued to its beauty, while others frustrated with the broken mechanics. Nevertheless, according to us, it is a great PVP experience.

We’re about to update the list of locations with Hazmat Suits, so bare with us.

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