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Latest Pokémon GO update brings unresponsive touchscreens to players, game is not responsive for many

We are all in a smartphone era, where screens no longer have that plastic feeling. We now have touch screens. Imagine if a single game update makes that touchscreen unresponsive. Catastrophe, right?

Well, it seems that exactly that is happening in the Pokémon GO world, where the latest update caused so many issues with the game. What would a game be if whenever players open it, their touch screens aren’t responding to the commands they are giving?

Several players are saying that right after the new update, they had to reinstall Pokémon GO numerous times in order to make their touchscreens responsive. It first started whenever Trainers got Buddy Hearts, but now that problem has expanded and gone into other departments of Pokémon GO.

So far, the “hacks” are either to reinstall the game, force stop it, or turn off and on the Native Refresh Rate on your device. And we know how the latter one with a problem on its own can help. This is absolutely miserable, and I truly am disappointed in the state that Niantic has brought Pokémon GO in.

This doesn’t bring a good look to the game. Niantic, for the millionth time now, please listen to your fanbase and try to fix what is broken.

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