Players will choose between Sylvanas and Saurfang in BFA 8.1

Blizzard is stepping up their game on story development even further. Among many BFA 8.1 excitements, there will be a moisture of sadness, as players will need to make their choice for once in the coming 8.1 patch. Extracted from the PTR, there will be one quest pointing into a new direction upon taking it, a direction set by either Lady Sylvanas or Saurfang.

Now that Saurfang is free, released from the Stockades by Anduin Wrynn, if you’re a Horde member, you will be put up to a test to finding Saurfang and possibly bringing him back home. Then, following Saurfan’s trails will lead us to his existence.

It is up to the players whether or not they’ll choose to opt with the one side or another or stay neutral. Apparently, they can stay neutral during the whole extravaganza. The quest reminds a lot of Mists of Pandaria too. However, in MoP, there wasn’t a condition that would separate and put you on a whole different storyline.

For the first time in the history of WoW, we, as a Horde, will have the chance to choose our own leader and maybe fight for it. This, in turn, may bring a different Raid at the end of the expansion, based on a calculation of choices made during 8.1. It is clearly the best thing WoW could’ve ever gotten in a while now since Blizzard’s work has been quite exceptional.

For more detailed info, you could check Taliesin & Evitel’s video below:

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