Tencent Games Enhances the anti-cheat system in Ring of Elysium

According to the official press, Tencent Games launches new three-tier anti-cheat system for their Battle Royale, Ring of Elysium. Ring of Elysium has been extraordinary in terms of environment, mechanics, first among many seen in a BR game. However, due to being not that popular, the company hasn’t really invested in having a good anti-cheat system until today.

As the press reads:

Tencent Games has announced the implementation of an all-new three-tier anti-cheat security system for their next-gen battle royale Ring of Elysium. The system will include several measures designed to maintain a healthy game environment for players including computer bans, real-time ban notifications, and a player reporting feedback system. Developers Tencent have stated that they intend to have a “zero tolerance” policy in regards to cheating, and wish to maintain a positive gameplay experience for all players.

In order to provide an enjoyable game experience for players, Tencent Games have conducted research since September 26th to detect and ban players attempting to cheat in Ring of Elysium and have since banned over 20,000 accounts and associated computers that were found in violation of the game’s terms of service.

Together with the new anti-cheat measures, Tencent Games has also launched a player report function, which will allow players to point to others suspicious of hacking or using any third-party applications that will improve their aim or give visual benefits.

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