The US Army is Involving in Fortnite Esports, First Team Created

It is somewhat strange to hear news of this caliber, but it is surely amusing and in the end, it may turn to be successful. Namely, the US Army is making a plain but strange move. Creating an eSports team dedicated to Fortnite.

Funny or not it may help the US Army recruit people easier. Our colleagues over at have reported about his strange situation, claiming to be a vital source for the story.

As the press reads:

In an attempt to create awareness about the Army and the opportunities it provides, the United States Army has decided to begin an official Esports Team which will include Fortnite players.

According to the Sergent Meaux and the announcement on Reddit created by the US Army, this translates to better thoughts, which will both serve to desire and represent the Army in competitive gaming, making soldiers more visible and relatable to today’s youth.

Soldiers have expressed a strong desire to represent the Army in competitive gaming, this initiative will help make our soldiers more visible and relatable to today’s youth.

It does sound like an adoption over the coming generations which are being overtaken by Fortnite’s success, and it may encourage them to join the Army for what not if compete in Fortnite.

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