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Festive and Frost, Fortnite Season 7 is live

Fortnite Season 7 has just begun. With the updated concluding just before a couple of hours, we can set ourselves on a new and discovering mission. It appears that Season 7 has changed multiple aspects of the game, some of them quite fun and exciting, but others just boring and overwhelming.

We’ve been also trying to explore the new area of the map this whole morning. It clearly appears that Epic Games have tried their best in creating an exceptional map, and potentially the best Season so far.

Everything from skins to environment and content included with the Season 7 and the Battle Pass is looking quite vital, meaning the Battle Pass itself is quite worthy. Below you can watch the new Season 7 trailer:

Before we go deeper in the season, let us remind you that this time around players can create their own game modes. All of the Battle pass owners will have an early access to the Fortnite Creative, which will allow players to fulfill their intentions by unleashing their creativity.

For a more detailed info, make sure you visit the official patch notes page of 7.00.

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