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Anthem RTX 2080 TI Performance Test on Ultra Settings

Well, the Anthem VIP Demo did not go under the radar for some famous and trusty benchmark Gurus. Among them, duderandom84 testing the power of RTX 2080 TI on ULTRA settings.

Set everything on maximum, DUDERANDOM84’s video could easily confirm that the performance of the RTX 2080 TI is quite extraordinary. The FPS drops appear mostly in areas under siege of heavy effects or caused by high explosions leaving a big chunk of particles.

Another area where the FPS drops occurred more frequently was around water. Overall, the RTX 2080 TI can easily bear with Anthem’s demands. Even on 1440p, the game is clearly running smooth, no matter if the curiosity brought you here or not.

Below you can find the whole Benchmark video.

Not many people tend to play video games at 1440p, simply because of the performance benefit by playing at 1080p. A low cost of quality could potentially be a decider, and the performance gain of the 1080p over 1440p is huge. Nevertheless, enthusiasts who want to feel special or at least consider to… there’s your proof.

A good comparison video would be the following:

The video above is created by another YouTuber, WesNemo, who also enjoys doing performance videos. Playing the same video settings but lower resolution, it is clearly visible that lower picture quality (1080p) grants a considerable amount of FPS.



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