Anthem VIP Demo Load Screen Messages

Let’s take a look at something many people are seeking to find in each game, and that is the load screen messages. Playing Anthem’s VIP Demo throughout the weekend has been quite amazing, despite the numerous issues.

We were taking a multitude of snapshots of the loading screens to finally make a whole compilation of them. Below you can find all the load screen messages discovered:

  • You can view the controller layout in the Tutorials section of the Cortex
  • Earn Coin and unlock Blueprints by completing Challenges
  • Not all Anthem full game content is available in the Anthem Demo.
  • Electrified enemies send arcs of lightning that damage nearby hostiles, and sets them up for a combo.
  • When you’re ready to leave Fort Tarsis, head to the Forge to customize your javelin’s look, check your weapons and gear, and start an Expedition with your friends.
  • Freeplay allows you to explore across Bastion on your own terms.
  • Cool your javelin thrusters to extend flying time.
  • Explorable areas in the region are shown on the map located in the Cortex.
  • All vanity items in the demo cost 25 Coin.
  • Leveling up helps you uncover stronger items and artifacts.
  • Level up faster through experience bonuses when you play with others.
  • Perform Feats to earn Experience Points and level up your Pilot.
  • The heavily armored Colossus is the largest and strongest javelin.

Now that the branch of load screens is completed, let us know which one was your favorite in the comments below. If you believe anyone’s missing, please let us know in the comments below.

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