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Chiller Grenade

Chiller Grenade is coming to Fortnite, a new way to dazzle your enemies

A new meta is about to enter Fortnite. Meta? Yes, because it definitely sounds as an item full of surprise. After all of the vaults and unvaults, it was time for Epic Games to introduce something fresh. Therefore, Fortnite is on its way of receiving a new grenade… a Chiller Grenade.

The so called Chiller Grenade has been showcased in the news carousel, as a coming addition to Fortnite. It is scheduled to come tomorrow, and we are missing a good tutorial about it.

The description frame of the Chiller Grenade contains the following words:

“Give your enemies cold feet with this winter blast!”

Nevertheless, we’re sure that Epic Games will receive a tease with it, and it will probably serve as an immobilizer. The Chiller Grenade will most likely either freeze or root enemies.

The new Chiller Grenade and its way of work is probably going to introduce a whole new meta in the pro or scrim matches and it is supposed to release with the next update.

Furthermore, the news section stated the Summit pack is getting to an end, and it will be off market on January 29.

The Chiller Grenade is coming after the arrival of the Sneaky Snowman.



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