Fortnite 7.40 to introduce us to The Prisoner Stage 4

Together with the new patch, not only we’ll be excited by the new weapons, buffs, nerfs and Valentine’s Day Overtime challenges, but we’ll also receive the fourth stage of The Prisoner skin. This means we’ll have to do something extra in to attain it and it will involve our input.

Below you can compare the very first and last stage of the prisoner.

[twenty20 img1=”25454″ img2=”25453″ offset=”0.5″]

The fourth stage of The Prisoner will be most likely unavailable until tomorrow. Wednesday is the day Epic Games pushes the 7.40 content update. Now that we have dealt with all of the challenges and the season is still ongoing, we’ll need something else to have fun with, and most likely we’re going to get it.

The new style unlock of The Prisoner skin may be linked to Valentine’s Day, meaning it will be somewhat related to the Share The Love event. However, more about that to be found out tomorrow, when the official 7.40 is about to go live.

The downtime has been officially published and it begins at 4 AM ET or 9 AM UTC.

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