League of Legends patch 9.4 is ready to get rid of some bugs

League of Legends patch 9.4 is ready to accommodate all of the inaccurate gameplay by fixing some known bugs, but also nerfing a couple of champions. Over the past months, we’ve noticed a lot of champions dominating prior to their overpowered abilities and base damage.

5 champions are receiving a rough nerf in both base attack damage and abilities. Lucian, Thresh, Yasuo, Karthus, Urgot. All of them are receiving an impactful nerf, transforming them into weaker toons.

  • Lucian
    • Base damage nerf
    • W – Mana Cost of nerf
  • Thresh
    • Mana Cost and Q cooldown nerf
  • Yasuo
    • Base attack damage nerf
    • Q – crit strike multiplier nerfed
  • Karthus
    • Q – base damage and single target nerf
  • Urgot
    • Q – mana cost nerf
    • W mana cost and shield nerf

While Sona and Wukong are holding the top in win percentage, some other champions are having the need of a buff. Therefore, Riot Games have decided to buff Rek’Sai and Zed. It is all about the balance and Riot games are aware that some champions need to be encouraged by some simple code tweak.

Riot Games is also fixing some known bugs found both in heroes and in-general. Such as Rengar and Kalista’s bug, but also some known channeling abilities. They remain visible no matter what. Riot games have crowned the announcement of patch 9.4 with a trailer. You can watch the trailer below.

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