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No, we didn’t miss Marshmello’s Fortnite Concert

Actually, we were in the first row, having fun with our friends by showing off some cool dance moves. There wasn’t a dance-off, but if there was, it was going to be even more exciting. Overall, it was the longest and most joyful event in the history of Fortnite.

For those who do not know, the drop of the Marshmello’s merch introduced all of the players to some of the new and distinct challenges, which in some words were made up because of Marshmello.

The world class DJ has proven worthy yet again. It doesn’t matter if its a video game or not, Marshmello will be having a lot more fans than before. We’re pretty certain of that.

Congrats on the longest and possibly the best live event ever in Fortnite. Music makes everything, creates happiness, sheds tears, but most importantly, it awakens an emotional feeling in each and every one of us.



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