Anthem’s sound cut off bug still persistent days after launch

Anthem, the game which trailers managed to leave the world shook is now suffering from fan backlash. The only guilt could be seen in the bugs and glitches as they’re not being repaired at all. Sadly though, BioWare already stated that there will be a sound fix any time now. However, there’s still nothing patched up, and the developers are more likely facing other issues to satisfy the player’s will.

The sound cut off has left many players without a clue what is going on on many occasions throughout the storyline missions. Sadly, there’s no way to fix this issue but just restart the game, even though BioWare stated possible fixes that could simply serve as a workaround.

There’s no workaround as the bug is completely random. The sound cuts off in a completely random matter, and most of the times it occurs after triggering aura combo. The developers further noticed they know what is causing this bug. According to them, even though they tried to fix it, EA’s Frostbite engine works in a way that creates other holes related to the same issue.

This bug is found in other video games on the same engine and it is something that it should be fixed sooner than later. According to myself and my own acquaintances, I had been in situations of closing the game straight after encountering the same.

I still do the same thing as I am being pushed to stop playing the game, so I am writing this out of my own head. Moreover, this bug has been submitted multiple times on Anthem’s official forum. Listed under bugs should aware the developers flagging potential breaks found in the game.

With all of this being said, there shouldn’t be any reason leading to frustration. The bug will still arrive in the most random time span, and the only way to fix it is to restart the game client. With that being said, get used to playing video games with nice music in the background until this is fixed.

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