Apple may launch its own game subscription service

After Google’s astonishing discovery of its Google Stadia and bringing Cloud-based game streaming as a vital option on the market, Apple has decided to jump on the same train. It appears that Apple will be the second company of this caliber aiming for the gaming industry. According to recent rumors, they plan to launch their own game subscription service that will help gamers to expose themselves to the public.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is endeavoring new ways of expanding its user base. However, Apple’s intention is to involve this new service into cell iPhones and iPads primarily. The service is supposed to bring no cost-free video games available with a subscription. The revenue gathered from the subscriptions will be transformed into payment for the developers. For more precise info we’ll have to wait a tiny bit longer.

According to Bloomberg, Apple may announce the subscription service on Monday, March 25th. The company has a special event that is about to take place, for which is considered as the most designated spot for an announcement of this size. It will hold in the Steve Jobs Theater, and it is the most common spot to hear any news of this matter.

It is confirmed that the video game industry is acting as a challenger to all the big companies. To be honest, every single asset including real-life itself inspires human beings to spend more time at their household. Taken that as a starting point, it somewhat explains why these big companies begin a journey of this nature.

If you ask us personally, even Google Stadia as a Cloud-based game streaming platform dulls player needs. Considered it is server-based, we don’t see the latency being as responsive as the physical devices are nowadays. At the end, it doesn’t matter if Google Stadia is stronger than both Xbox One X and PS4 combined, the latency will still be messing with player’s heads.

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