A New Sonic Adventure is on its way to Apple Arcade

When you think of mobile Sonic games, you probably imagine endless runners. But Sega and Apple have something else in mind. They’re gearing up to release Sonic Dream Team, a 3D platformer exclusive to Apple Arcade. It’s set to launch on December 5, giving Sonic fans something different to look forward to this holiday season.

What sets this game apart is not just the format but also the characters. You’re not stuck with Sonic, you can also play as Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, and Cream. Each character brings unique abilities, allowing for a richer, more varied experience.

The game is built around an intriguing concept. The villain, Dr. Eggman, stumbles upon an ancient device known as the Reverie. This gadget can turn dreams into reality. Naturally, Sonic and his gang can’t let Eggman use this power to take over the world. So, they venture into a weird world of dreams to stop him. It’s a fresh storyline that promises to keep players hooked.

But it’s not just about running and collecting rings. The game promises other forms of action, too. Wall-running, gravity changes, and many other dream-world elements are set to make the gameplay challenging and fun. The mission is clear: save your friends and fight off Eggman to gain control of the Reverie.

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