Escape From Tarkov gets the first episode of its RAID Movie Series

Battlestate Games is clearly working on a live-action movie dedicated to Escape From Tarkov. It will be a whole movie series dedicated to Escape From Tarkov’s core gameplay, RAIDS. Raids is a gameplay concept missing in multiple military sims, which makes Escape From Tarkov very unique.

Without further ado, check out the first episode of RAID! Caution: The video contains blood and gore, and an extremely heavy firefight. If you’re not that kind of person, we suggest you skip it. You can find episode #1 below:

This is just the first episode of the RAID series, and they’re bound to continue in the future. We’re not certain of how many episodes are scheduled to it, but one thing remains sure… this trailer showcased that an RPGs and Ghillie suits are compelled to come to Escape From Tarkov. However, their time of arrival remains unknown.

Many people believe this short episode hides more secrets than just novities. If so, decrypting them will be a passion, and we’ll see if something else manages to pop up.

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