Fortnite 8.20 Downtime will start Tomorrow at 5 AM ET

Epic Games has announced the downtime in order to deploy Fortnite’s patch 8.20. The 8.20 patch is allegedly going to bring some novities around the map, it has the potential to erupt the Volcano and bring a more intense heat on the map. That will most probably take care of the snowy remains since the Winter season is now over.

Even though the Downtime starts at 5 AM ET (09:00 UTC) it is still unknown if the how long it will take to fully deploy. Regarding the volcano, many people believe that the volcano will slowly begin its activity. The Downtime is expected to be somewhere around 3-4 hours, so it will take a while before experiencing the secrets of 8.20.

From shaking to an eruption, the Volcano activity will probably develop slowly, as time goes by. Epic Games love to make lore out of simplicity. The volcano is one of the main additions of Season 8, and it is expected to see Fortnite Season 8 to develop a story around it.

Below you can find the official Tweet by Epic Games

As in every other previous patch, we’re looking forward to seeing what the data miners will discover in patch 8.20. Fortnite is still considered as one of, if not the most anticipated Battle Royale video games on the market. Therefore, the content coming with patch 8.20 is still considered as a valuable component for data miners.

Epic Games still haven’t discovered anything about the revive vans that were datamined with the release of the Season. Maybe it is ready to be released as a surprising content.

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