Fortnite Bug Allows Players to Deal Damage Through Buildings

There’s a brand new Fortnite bug swirling around the internet. It has been discovered and proven by a Redditor who claiming appears to be true. Apparently, if an enemy player is very close to a building that his weapon peaks out, it counts as a hitbox. Players shooting at the weapon part that sticks out can do severe damage.

Therefore, until this is being fixed, make sure you do not glue yourself to buildings no matter if posted by other players or yours. Your health can still be compromised. This has been discovered by u/Helpnite. Below you can watch the video and the actual bug.

Today’s update has been developed to improve the game’s stability. This hasn’t been included in it. Players have already noticed better ping, leading to an enhanced gameplay experience. We do not know if this is an intentional move done by Epic Games. Being able to shoot through walls, stairs, cones, and floors is a huge advantage.

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Amie Gammons

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