Fortnite patch 8.20 will extend the duration of the Infinite Dab emote to 14 Hours

The upcoming update in Fortnite will board new mysteries. Thanks to some dataminers, a new discovery has been made, noticing something very “usual” in the patch notes. The Infinite Dab Emote is about to receive a boost. A simple patch note that will endure its duration time. Previously, the Infinite Dab duration in the lobby was 13 hours. Well, the next patch will increase its duration time to 14 hours.

The duration of the Infinite Dab emote is still in an incremental phase. As so, the Infinite Dab emote became very popular among players. It is one of the most desired emotes and many people want to have the emote in their possession, just because of its duration time.

Even though the patch notes are still not online, Lucas7Yoshi claims that he found a way to determine the duration variable of the Infinite Dab emotes. Keep in mind that this is considered to be a leak, and we cannot rely on its integrity. The tweet can be seen below:

After asking publicly should he leak a patch note of the V8.20, Lucas7Yoshi discovered what kind of secret he was holding to. Apparently, the 8.20 patch will increase the duration of the Infinite Dab emote while in a lobby to 14 hours. We also believe there will be tryout participants who will leave their Fortnite game overnight with their Infinite Dab emote running just for the laughs and veracity of the patch notes.

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