Apex Legends Lifeline bug allows healing while moving around

Apex Legends offers great and explosive fun, but there have been numerous bugs that allow a variety of benefits. This time, a player has discovered Lifeline related bug, with an ability to move the drone as the players move. This makes fights very easy to encounter as it boosts the hp while moving too.

The bug has been first discovered on Reddit by a user named Itzyatzee. He has discovered that if you close a door on Lifeline’s drone, it starts moving with the player, and keeps bolstering its amount of healing during the movement and duration. This makes Lifeline be a player’s choice for a reason. Having a designated in the team would be very fortunate every round.

This bug is considered as an infinite healing cheat and will most likely be used every time until Respawn Entertainment deploys a fix. The bug can be seen in action below. It heals the target the drone’s attached to during the whole fight, despite the movement.

Apparently if you close the door on a health drone it disappears and allows you to heal while moving around! from apexlegends

Apex Legends is still suffering from the same amount of bugs, each time there’s a new one Respawn Entertainment’s response is kind of lingering.

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